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What Does It Meant To Be Anglican?

To be an Anglican is not to embrace a distinct version of Christianity, but a distinct way of being a “Mere Christian.” We strive to believe “that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all.” We belong to a world-wide Anglican Communion, constituting the third largest Christian body globally.

Anglicanism has often been described as, the “middle way” between Catholicism and Protestantism, from the media. We understand Anglicanism as a reform movement in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church that is calling the entire Church back to her roots.


During the first centuries, the Church was not only sacramental and liturgical, but also lived in the power of the Spirit under the guidance of the Scriptures. Words like “charismatic,” (spirit-filled) “evangelical,” (bible-guided) or “catholic” (tradition-formed) should not be labels for various churches but rather adjectives that describe the very nature of what God intended the Church to be.

Church Staff:


Liturgical Director

Fr. Gabriel Ipasu

Assistant Priest for Refrugee Ministry

Young Adult Pastor                      REZ 2:42

Media Marketing Manager

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