Wednesdays December 5th, 12th and 19th

This series is  about taking the time this Advent ans asking ourselves two questions: 1) For what am I most grateful? 
2) For what am I least grateful? 
These questions help us identify moments of hope and despair, joy and sorrow Grace and absence. The church has called this process the examen."
For centuries, prayerful people have found direction for their days and for their lives by identifying these moments. Since even small children can do this, we are seeking to make this inter-generational using a resource  in a format that families, friends and communities can share and that will be easily accessible to anyone, whether they are part of the church or not. It is a thoughtful approach to Advent to see the gift of life and of Christ in a new light.
We hope that you will take these 4 weeks to examen and enrich your lives and your relationships in the name of the one who we await.

The book can be purchased at Amazon
$8.00 for Kindle
$14.95 for Soft Cover

Funds are available to assist in the purchase if you cannot. This is an opportunity individually and as families to get a different focus for this Holy Season

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