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Stephen Ministry

STEPHEN MINISTRY is a national non-denominational Christian care-giving organization. A Stephen Minister completes an extensive number of training modules and is equipped to provide one-on-one Christian care to those who are going through life’s difficult times. The care is given in a confidential and accepting environment. Training classes are currently under way. 


If you are in need of talking with, or want to become part of the Stephen Ministry, please contact Kurt Anderson at kacfp@yahoo.com, Deacon Walter Volumth at DeaconWalter@resurrectiontampa.com, or our Rector, Bishop Kevin Donlon at Rector@resurrectiontampa.com


To learn more about the Stephen Ministry, Click Here.

Mother's Union 

Mothers’ Union is a worldwide Christian organization whose mission is to transform communities through God’s love. It has the mandate for prayer, for supporting marriage, families and children, and for helping those facing adversity. At Resurrection, Mothers’ Union has focused on daily mid-day prayer, hosting parish activities, working with African refugees in Tampa and fighting gender-based violence. We meet monthly and have occasional fundraisers to support our work. If you have questions, ask Cathy Smith-Dugay (813.817.4244). 

Lay Ministry

We have many opportunities to get involved in ministry ranging from the traditional Altar Guild to outreach ministries. We believe that every Christian is called to some kind of work for Christ, and that is what ministry is intended to be. A person should be called to a particular ministry to which they are well suited, not just assigned to whatever is available. 

Please contact one of the clergy members and let us help you to get involved.

Here are some of the ministries we have in operation:

  • Altar Guild: Those responsible for care of the liturgical worship materials. This includes setting up the altar, cleaning, and organizing the equipment.

  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers:  Those who assist the clergy in distributing the sacraments, both in the worship service and to the homebound.

  • Lectors:  Those who read the Holy Scriptures in the worship service.

  • Music:  The Schola leads singing in the worship service and there is a praise band for Wednesday evening.

  • Outreach:  To assist in bringing relief locally, through Holy Redeemer food pantry, refugee ministries led by Fr. Gabriel, and other local projects. We also have many connections with global outreach efforts in Africa, India, and other parts of the world. 

  • Hospitality: The hospitality ministry group hosts a number of fellowship events from weekly coffee hour to receptions for honored guests. They also plan periodic fun evening events for the parish. 

  • Building Maintenance:  There are many needs from basic cleaning and yard work to repairs. This ministry helps us to control costs and keep our facility looking good. 

Young Adult Ministry


Many ask what’s is happening so far? God is moving… take a look…


1. We Started With Prayer

A few people gathered one November night to pray. After that, we have been  together these weeks of Dec and Nov. After a few times of just praying, we began meeting as a small group — to regularly pray, read God’s Word, eat, and engage in open discussion just like the Early Church did in Acts 2:42-47. Thus the name 

2. Now Building a Team- We are seeking to build a team to reach the next generation of young adults in our community for Christ? As we pray and meet we know God  will puts people on our heart, and begin conversations occur. 

3. Share The Vision - The vision of  is to connect young adults to Jesus Christ, the Church, the mission of the Church in the world, and our peers

4. Create Opportunities to Meet Regularly As a Group

Consistency is an important part of creating a successful young adult ministry. The lives of this peerage are transient. That means we need to be pillars of consistency in the midst of a changing culture. We are establishing a community of people who meet weekly to support one another, study and discuss the Bible, and pray building trust and confidence to  each life. Discipleship happen best when groups meet consistently and intentionally

5. Identify and Equip Natural Leaders

Every ministry has natural-born “people gifted to lead.” They may not have official titles or roles on your team, they’re the thermostats who change the temperature in a room. So we are seeking out leadership skills, and asking them to lead and engage others.

6. Developing Key Relationships

Our hope is to build bridges of connection with local young adults who share a passion for young adult ministry and the work of the Gospel. It is about the kingdom of God.


By the way did you know that nearly every major movement in the history of the Church was initiated by young adults. St. Benedict of Nursia, the father of Western monasticism, was in his early twenties when he left Rome to lead a band of brothers into a life of prayer and work (“ora et labora”). St. Therese of Lisieux who died at the age of 24 initiated a spiritual revolution known as “the little way”. St. Francis wasn’t yet 25 when he became “God’s fool” for the poor and helped establish the European mendicant orders. The “companions of Jesus” (aka the Jesuits) were formed by St. Ignatius of Loyola and six fellow college students from the University of Paris. If history holds true, the next great sea change in the Church will be inaugurated by someone like these young people at COTR with the names of Thomas, Lisa Ann, Terrell, etc.


The leadership of the Parish believe that one of the essential for our future is the parish praying as a community. We are undertaking two prayer ministries this year, and asking each member to register and renew their commitment to pray for our neighbors as we seek to reach out to them. Go to http://www.pray4everyhome.org and become a member associated with COTR. Our launch is October 1st; you have 6 weeks to register.


We are asking again that each member go to www.freeshapetest.com and take the survey. The "SHAPE" survey is not looking for a commitment from you, but rather a chance for us to learn more about who you are through your Spiritual Gifts, your Heart (interests/passions), your Abilities, your Personality, and your Experience and Education. All of us have been blessed with different gifts and abilities and we would love to learn more about those gifts.

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